VIDEO: How to Create Courses in XpressLab

Activities and tests are created within the context of a Course. Existing courses are found on the My Course List page. The My Course List page is also used to create new course.

There are three (3) ways to create a course within XpressLab:

  1. Creating a new Course: This method involves creating a brand new course from the ground up. To create a new course, use the My Course List to select the New Course + button. This launches the Course Information page, where you can configure the details of your new course
  2. Duplicating a Course: This method involves duplicating one of your existing courses by selecting the Duplicate button within the My Course List. Duplicating a Course copies all of the previous course activities and tests without copying the student list of enrolled students within the previous course; and
  3. Importing a Course from the Library: This method involves importing a course from the XpressLab public Library of learning resources or your own personal Library. Importing a course also copies all of the existing course activities and tests

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create and duplicate courses within XpressLab.


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