How to Use Premium Content Course Levels

XpressLab now offers Premium Content courses, developed by French language learning experts and vetted by an active community of dedicated French teachers. Each Premium Content course is designed to meet your provincial, state and country French curriculum expectations.

Within each course, you'll find interactive activities and tests that require students to demonstrate awareness, comprehension, understanding and metacognition. In addition, each Premium Content course is available in a Level 1 through Level 4 variation.

Premium Content Levels correspond to suggested grade levels, programs (ex. Core, Immersion, Extended, Level), CEFR levels and ACTFL proficiency levels. This ensures that your curriculum expectations are recognized and supported by the courses and activities made available in our curated resource Library.

Please note that our assigned Levels are intended to serve as a guideline. The activities within each Premium Content course are not exclusive to the assigned Level.

For your reference, we have prepared the following breakdown of our four XpressLab Premium Content Levels:

Level 1: I Am Beginning - Beginning Learner at:

  • CEFR Level A1
  • Core French Grades 4-6
  • French Immersion Grades K-2
  • Extended French Grades 4-5
  • Extended French Grades 4-5
  • USA French I
  • USA ACTFL Proficiency Level Novice
  • UK Years 3-5

Level 2: I Am Learning - Beginning to Independent Learner at:

  • CEFR Level A1-A2
  • Core French Grades 6-8
  • French Immersion Grades 3-5
  • Extended French Grades 5-7
  • USA French II
  • USA ACTFL Proficiency Level Novice - Intermediate
  • UK Years 7-9

Level 3: I Am Understanding - Independent Learning at:

  • CEFR Level A2-B1
  • Core French Grades 8-10
  • French Immersion Grades 6-8
  • Extended French Grades 8-10
  • USA French III
  • USA ACTFL Proficiency Level Intermediate
  • UK Years 7-9

Level 4: I Am Mastering - Independent Learning at:

  • CEFR Level B1-B2
  • Core French Grades 10-12
  • French Immersion Grades 9-12
  • Extended French Grades 11-12
  • USA French IV
  • USA ACTFL Proficiency Level Intermediate-Superior
  • UK Years 9-13

For instructions on how to locate, import, and assign Premium Content courses to your students, please see the How to Import and Assign Premium Content Courses Knowledge Base Article.



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