VIDEO: How to Capture Student Audio Responses in XpressLab

XpressLab includes built-in question and activity types, specifically designed to evaluate speaking skills and listening comprehension. Selecting the correct Activity Type for your learning and evaluation objectives, will allow you to capture a student’s oral response to a question prompt.

It is important to note that adding an Audio recording widget using the Design Mode feature found in the Test Planner, or the slide-based Authoring environment, cannot be used by students to record their own answers. The Audio widgets added to your question slides using Design mode or Authoring Mode can only be used by teachers to record an audio question prompt. If you are looking for more information on how to record audio question prompts in XpressLab, please click here.

In order to capture an audio response from students or test-takers, teachers must select the appropriate Activity Type and Question Type.

Students can record audio responses to oral question prompts using the following Question Types:

  • Audio Response Questions: This Question Type is found in the Standard Test Activity Type. This Question Type requires students to record an oral response to a question prompt using the audio recording widget within the question slide. A time limit can be applied to limit the amount of time students have to record their response.
  • Oral Question with Sample Answer: This Question Type is found in the Practice Test Activity Type. This Question Type requires the recording of an oral question prompt as well as a sample oral response. Students are then able to practice recording their own oral response to the question prompt. Students can then compare their oral response to the Sample Answer recording in order to practice their pronunciation and speaking skills.

The Question Types described above are found within the following Activity Types:

  • Standard Tests (Audio Response Question Type)
  • Practice Tests (Oral Question with Sample Answer)

Additional Activity Types can be used to capture oral responses from students. The following Activity Types can be used to extend speech and capture audio response from students:

  • Oral Discussions
  • Student Journals; and
  • Student Presentations

For detailed instructions on how to assign activities to students, and how to set the Auto Assign functionality, please click on the Help Guide labelled How to Capture Student Audio Responses in XpressLab, attached to the bottom of this Help Article. Clicking on this link will download a copy of the Help Guide to your local computer.

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to capture student audio responses in XpressLab.

For more video tutorials, please visit us on YouTube by clicking here.


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