Recording Audio Question Prompts in XpressLab

XpressLab supports real-time audio playback and recording functionality. This allows teachers and test-authors to create oral question prompts and question stimuli, across all built-in Question Types within the platform. Teachers and test-authors can also offer oral response options to question prompts, depending on the selected Question and/or Activity Type. Additional audio recordings and/or audio clips can be added within the context of any built-in Question and Activity Type.

Audio question prompts can be added to activity questions using Question Properties. Additional audio recordings can be added within the context of a question using Design Mode. Question Properties and Design Mode are found in the Test Planner.

  1. To access Question Properties, select a new question type using the drop down list of New Question options found below the Type column in one of the Testlets found in your Test Planner. Selecting a New Question directs you to the Question Properties page.


  2. Question Properties are unique to each Question Type. However, all Question Types allow you to add an audio question prompt. At the top of the Question Properties page, you can select Text Question or Audio Question. Select the Audio Question option to record an oral question prompt. 


  3. Selecting the Audio Question option directs you to the audio recording widget as well as configurable settings you can apply to your question prompt.


  4. Click the red Record button within the audio recording widget to begin recording your oral question prompt. You can also upload an existing audio file as the question prompt by clicking on the green Upload File icon, located in the right corner of the audio recording widget.

  5. To modify or update the Question Properties of existing questions, simply click the Edit Question Properties icon Capture4.JPG located below the Manage column, on the right side of a Testlet within the Test Planner.

  6. You can also add additional audio recordings and/or audio clips using Design Mode. Click the Design Mode icon Capture5.JPG located below the Manage column, on the right side of a Test Planner Testlet.

  7. Selecting Design Mode opens the question in a what-you-see-is-what-you get editing environment. Use the Add Object drop down list of options found in the main navigation bar at the top of the Design Mode screen to add an additional audio recording to your question slide.


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