How To Reset a Student Password

You can reset a student’s XpressLab login password using the Students tab, located on the Course Dashboard page.

Reset a student’s password by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Students tab from within the Course Dashboard page.
  2. Locate the student from within the Student List. Then, select the checkbox to the left of the student’s User Id.
  3. Click the Reset Password icon, represented by the image of a lock, located in the toolbar at the top of the Students tab.
  4. Click the OK button from within the Password Reset Confirmation Window.
  5. The student’s new password will be student’s User Id. If the student’s User Id is less than 5 characters long, then the pound symbol (#) will be added to the end of the student’s User Id, until the length of the User Id equals 5 characters.

For more video tutorials, please visit us on YouTube by clicking here.


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