VIDEO: How to Mark Student Submissions

Clicking on a Submission Notification icon will direct you to either a specific student’s submission for immediate evaluation or to the overall activity Submissions page, where you can begin marking submissions or reviewing previously marked submissions within the context of a specific activity.

Submission Notifications are found within the Teacher Dashboard, the My Course List, the Course Dashboard, and within the Activity Dashboard. For detailed instructions on Accessing Student Submissions, please see the How to Access Student Submissions Help Guide.

For additional instructions, please view the How to Mark Student Submissions Help Guide attached to the bottom of this Help Article. Clicking on the link below will download a copy of the Help Guide to your local computer.

The following video tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to locate Submission Notifications as well as how to mark a submitted activity


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    Jennifer Mathison

    Thanks for the explanations.  I think the narrator has mixed up the meaniings of "subjective" and "objective", however.  Please have a listen and correct for future listeners.

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