(VIDEO) How to Create Practice Exercises

Practice Exercises encourage students to interact with course concepts, practice their speaking and listening skills, and test their knowledge on information delivered during class lectures. Practice Exercises are not submitted for marks however, a Practice Exercise can be easily converted into a Standard Test activity, which can then be evaluated for marks. 

The Creating Practice Exercises Help Guide attached below, provides detailed instructions on creating Practice Exercises in XpressLab.  This Help Guide is comprised of three (3) parts:

  • Part 1: Creating a Practice Exercise Activity Type
  • Part 2: Authoring a Practice Exercise
  • Part 3: Adding and Authoring Practice Exercise Questions

Click on the link at the bottom of this article to download a copy of the detailed How to Create Practice Exercises Help Guide to your local computer.

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create practice exercise activities in XpressLab.

The Practice Exercise is a built-in Activity Type that use self-assessment style questions to reinforce listening, speaking and reading skills. A Practice Exercise can include a mix of the following XpressLab built-in question types:

  • Blank Questions: Used to communicate test instructions, notes, or lengthy text passages.
  • Fill in the Blank Questions: Represents a cloze style exercise in which a sentence or paragraph is provided to students, with words or phrases omitted. Students must supply the correct word or phrase to complete the sentence or paragraph.
  • Matching Questions: Matching Questions allow teachers to specify either an audio or text-based question prompt, followed by words or phrases which students must then match to either images, audio recordings, or other words/phrases that are specified by teachers during the authoring process.
  • Multi-Question Slides: The Multi-Question Slide is comprised of a Blank slide which includes either a written or audio-based question stimulus. A series of one or more Multiple Choice questions are then attached to the Blank slide.
  • Multiple Choice (Oral): Provides either an audio or text-based question prompt followed by a series of oral answer options (i.e. audio recordings and/or audio clips). Students are required to select the correct oral response to the question prompt using the options provided.
  • Multiple Choice (Text): Provides either an audio or text-based question prompt followed by a series of text-based answer options (i.e. written words or phrases). Students are required to select the correct text-based response to the question prompt using the options provided.
  • Oral Question with Sample Answer: Teachers provide an oral question prompt by recording an audio question prompt or by uploading an existing audio file. Students can replay the question prompt (if the setting is configure), and may then record their own answer to the question. Then, students can replay the Sample Answer recording to compare and contrast their oral response against the sample answer provided.
  • Text Passage Correction Question: Provides either an audio or text-based question prompt followed by a passage of text that contains spelling or grammar errors. Students must highlight each mistake within the text passage and annotate each highlighted word or phrase with the correct answer. 



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