How to Prevent Object Overlap and Screen Layout Issues

Objects such as text boxes can sometimes overlap and cover audio recorders, preventing students from listening to questions or recording their answer.

Arrange slide content using the Bring to front and Send to back tools to prevent objects from overlapping. To arrange slide content, follow the steps below :

  1. Add an object(s to your slide (i.e. text box, images, shapes, drawing canvas, video clips or audio recorders).


  2. Right-click on a slide object  to open the Common tasks menu. Or, click on an object and then select the Arrange arrange.JPGlink from the Authoring Toolbar. Note: See the Common tasks menu below:
    Common toolbar.JPG
  3. Select Send to back from the Common tasks menu or click the Send Back link from below the Arrange link. This will place the selected slide object behind another object on the slide. As illustrated below, selecting Send to back arranges the picture behind the audio recorder that was previously hidden. Note: To place an object behind multiple objects, you may need to select Send to back several times In the example below, Send to back was selected twice in order to place the picture behind both the text box and the audio recorder.

  4. Arrange slide objects using the Send to front tool found in the Common tasks menu or by selecting Bring Front below the Arrange link. This option will layer a slide object in front of the other objects on the slide.


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