How to Search for Resources in the XpressLab Library

The XpressLab Library contains language learning content resources and tests, creating by XpressLab users and language learning experts. Teachers and administrative users can import Resources from the Library to their personal XpressLab account. These resources can then be modified and assigned to students.

The XpressLab Library offers dedicated search functionality to help you locate the most effective and relevant language learning resources for your courses and language proficiency testing objectives.

Use any of the following search methods detailed below, or combine several different search filters to generate targeted search results.

Keyword Search:
Enter specific search terms in the Search box located at the top of the XpressLab Library. Enter search terms allows you to quickly locate a specific resource or a group of resources that share a similar topic. The keyword search functionality is intuitive and contextual. As you type a keyword or search time into the Search box, suggestions will automatically appear. Click on one of the suggested search filters to help narrow down your search.

Sort By:
Use the Sort By drop down to rearrange Library resources or search results based on the following sort options:

  • Title: Lists resources in alphabetical order based on Resource Title
  • Contributor Name: Lists resources in alphabetical order based on the last name of the resource author
  • Date Added: Lists resources in order of the date in which the resources was uploaded to the Library, with the most recently uploaded resources located at the top of the Library
  • Most Downloaded: Lists resources with the highest download rates within the public XpressLab Library, and
  • Highest Rated: Lists resources with the highest rating scores among other XpressLab users.

Favorites Only:
Select the Favorites Only checkbox to view the resources previously saved to your Favorites List.

Search Filters:
Use the Search Filters located on the left side of the Library to generate a list of targeted search options. You may select one or more of the Search Filter options. The more Search Filters you apply, the more targeted your search becomes. The following Search Filters are available:

  • Filter By Type: Refine your search based on the type of resource you are looking for. Resource Type Search Filters include: Activities, Courses, and/or Slides. You can search for multiple Resource Types by holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard (PC) or the Command button (Mac) while using your cursor to select multiple Resource Types.
  • Sharing Permissions: Refine your search based on the level of sharing permissions applied to the resource. Sharing Permission Search Filters include: Account (includes only the resources that are shared with and visible among XpressLab teachers within your school or District School Board), Private (includes only the resources that you have created and shared to your personal XpressLab Library), and Public (includes all of the resources saved to the public or global XpressLab Library.
  • Language: Refine your search based on the resource’s targeted language. This filter is particularly helpful when it comes to searching for language learning resources.

Removing Search Filters

Removing Filters will restore your XpressLab Library to its default viewing settings. To remove Search Filters, select the red Clear Filters button, located at the top of the Library, directly below the keyword Search box.

Alternatively, you can remove Search Filters by clicking the Remove button (the tiny X) located in the right corner of each Search Filter actively applied to your XpressLab Library.



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