How to Import Courses, Activities and Slides from the XpressLab Library

The XpressLab Library stores and organizes the content and resources created in XpressLab. Activities, slides, tests and other resources, can be exported to the Library at any time. Resources stored in the Library may also be  imported as you build new courses, activities and slides.

Resource Types

Importing Library resources (i.e.slides, activities and courses) can make it quicker and easier for you to develop content in XpressLab. You can edit imported resources using the Authoring interface so ensure the content meets your curriculum.

Library resources can be imported directly into an existing course or activity. Or, you can create a new course using an imported resource.  The following resource types may be imported from the XpressLab Library:

  1. Courses: Import a previous or duplicated course from your personal Library or the global Library in order to re-use content in a new academic year. A course contains all of the activities, tests, slides and presentations that have been created by the course author, without any of the student submissions or discussion forums that may have previously existed.
  2. Activities: Activities from your personal Library or the global Library can be imported into a new or existing course. Once you have imported an activity, you can edit the content using the Authoring interface. Set the imported item to Active to assign the resource to all students enrolled in your course.
  3. Slides: Individual slides can  imported into a new or existing activity. Importing slides helps to save time as you create new activities and assessments.

Previewing and Importing Library Resources

  • Access the XpressLab Library by clicking the LIBRARY link Library.JPGlocated in the top right corner of your screen.
  • By default, Library resources will be displayed in Tile mode. To change the format of Library resources, click the View Filter View_Filter.JPG, located to the right of the Search box.
    • If you are viewing the Library using the Tile or Compact view filter, roll your cursor over a resource item to view a brief description of the resource as well as its author.

    • If you are viewing the Library using the List format, the resource description and author will be displayed in the table.
  • Preview a resource by hovering over a resource tile (Tile or Compact view filter) and clicking the View link (or link icon).  If you are viewing the Library using List view, click the name of the resource in the first column.
  • Use the Resource Preview table to view the author of the resource as well as the resource type, subject and grade level.

  • Tags are used to connect resources together using common themes or elements. To view similar resources,  click on a tag from below the Resource Preview table. This will take you back to a Library search page, which is now filtered to show resources with the  selected tag(s).

  • Use the stars located below the Rate this resource field to Indicate the resource’s level of quality and/or usefulness.

  • Click the Favorite button to save the resource to your Favorites list.

  • Click the Preview button to open the resource in Full Screen mode. This will allow you to preview the resource as your students would see it.

  • Use the Slide Preview reel to quickly review the resource slides.

  • Use the Comments field to enter any comments or feedback regarding the resource.

  • When you are ready to import a resource, click the Import button.
    • Import a Slide: To import the slide to an existing course, locate the course in the Course Send To drop down list. Then, select which activity within the course you wish to import the slide into, using the Activity Send To drop down. Alternatively, you may choose to add the slide to a new course or a new activity by clicking the Add New Course + button or Add New Activity + button. If you are creating a new course or activity, you will be prompted to complete the Import Slide form. When you have finished completed any required forms, click the Finish button.
    • Import an Activity: To import an activity to an existing course, locate your course from within the Course Send To drop down. To create a new course for the activity, click the Add New Course+ button. Enter a course name in the Import Activity window and then click Finish.
    • Import a Course: To import a course, simple click the Finish button from within the Import Course window.


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