How To Recover Lost Passwords in XpressLab

If you have lost or forgotten your XpressLab password, access the Reset Password Tool located on the XpressLab application login page at:

Reset your password by completing the steps detailed below.

  1. Click the red Reset Password Tool text link, located on the application login page. Clicking the Reset Password Tool text link will direct you to the Reset Password Tool page.

  2. Enter your e-mail address in the field labelled Enter e-mail address. Then, click the red Submit button. A Reset Password Instructions e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address entered here.


  3. Navigate to your e-mail inbox to retrieve the Reset Password Instructions e-mail. Click on the red text link provided in the e-mail to access the Reset Password page.

  4. Enter a new password for your XpressLab account using the field labelled Reset Password. Then, confirm your new password in the field labelled Confirm New Password. Click the red Submit button to complete the Reset Password process.

  5. Return to the XpressLab application login page by entering the URL into your web browser window. Enter your username in the field labelled Username and your new password in the field labelled Password. Click the grey Log On button to access your XpressLab Teacher Account.


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