(VIDEO) How to Create Teacher Presentation Activities

The Teacher Presentation is a built-in activity type that is often used to create interactive lessons that incorporate multimedia elements, to help you engage students while delivering course content. This activity type facilitates the delivery of lessons using a slide-based online presentation.

Teacher Presentations are enhanced with the addition of multimedia elements, such as: audio recordings, video clips, images, shapes, and more. Links to external websites can also be included in the Teacher Presentation slides, as well as links to embedded documents or supplemental worksheets. The Teacher Presentation also includes built-in practice or mastery-style question types that can be used to help reinforce lesson concepts. Teacher Presentations include the following built-in question types: Blank Questions, Fill in the Blank Questions, Matching Questions, Multi-Question Slides, Multiple Choice (Oral and Text), Oral Questions with Sample Answers, and Text Passage Correction Questions.

Click on the attached How to Create Teacher Presentation Activities link found at the bottom of this article to download detailed instructions to your local computer.

This activity type also includes a built-in Discussion Forum that allows students to post voice-recorded questions, comments, or responses to the material presented. Questions posted to the Discussion Forum are attached to a particular presentation slide to ensure a context for the questions and discussions associated with the lesson presented in the Teacher Presentation activity.

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to capture student journal activities in XpressLab.

The attached How to Create Teacher Presentations Help Guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Create a Teacher Presentation Activity Type
  • Author a Teacher Presentation
  • Use Design Mode to Enhance Teacher Presentation Slides
  • Preview & Assign the Teacher Presentation to Students



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