VIDEO: How to Create Matching Questions

Matching Questions are a new, built-in question type found within the XpressLab platform. matching Questions are auto marked, which means that a student's response is automatically evaluated using the correct answers specified during activity authoring.

For additional instructions on how to create Matching Questions, please click on the Help Guide labelled How to Create Matching Questions, attached at the bottom of this Help Article. Clicking on this link will download a copy of the Help Guide to your local computer.

Matching Questions allow teachers to specify either an audio or text-based question prompt, followed by words or phrases which students much match to the correct corresponding images, audio recordings, or additional words or phrases

The Matching Questions are available within the following Activity Types:

  • Standard Tests
  • Practice Exercises; and
  • Teacher Presentations

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create Matching Questions in XpressLab.

For more video tutorials, please visit us on YouTube by clicking here.


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