VIDEO: Creating Activities in XpressLab

XpressLab includes six (6) built-in Activity Types:

  • Oral Discussions
  • Student Journals
  • Student Presentations
  • Teacher Presentations
  • Practice Exercises; and
  • Standard Tests

Each Activity Type has its own unique configurable settings, which relate to purpose of the activity you are creating. For example, some activities, such as the Practice Exercise, are not submitted for marks. Therefore, you will not be able to specify an overall value for the activity.  Selecting an Activity Type also determines which Question Types are available within the Test Planner.

Creating a new activity allows teachers and test authors to configure and apply the following settings:

  • Test Settings
  • Test Taker and Permission Settings
  • Evaluation Settings; and
  • An Introduction and End Messages for students and test takers.

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an activity in XpressLab.


For additional instructions on how to create activities within XpressLab, please click on the Help Guide labelled Creating Activities in XpressLab, attached below. Clicking on this link will download a copy of the Help Guide to your local computer. For more video tutorials, please visit us on YouTube by clicking here.


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