(VIDEO) How to Create and Assign Rubrics

Rubrics list the competencies or the performance tasks that require evaluation, as well as the specific levels and criteria used to evaluate each competency/task. Rubrics describe the gradation of quality or levels for each evaluated competency, and assign a point value to each gradation of quality. Typically, rubrics score test-takers based on their effort, performance and ability to follow directions.

Within XpressLab, rubrics facilitate the evaluation of human-reviewed question types - such as Written Response and Audio Response questions. Administrative users with the appropriate permissions can create and manage rubrics within the XpressLab system. Rubric Management tools allow XpressLab Admin users to create, manage, and apply varying rubric competencies, levels of performance, and gradations of quality for specific XpressLab proficiency tests and/or question types.

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create and assign rubrics in XpressLab.

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